The next conference: Vienna, August 2013.

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International School-Conference


Traditional school-conference "Geometry and Quantization" organized in cooperation by Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow, Russia), Luxembourg University, Nagoya University (Japan), Chineese Academy of Sciences (Mathematical Institute in Beijing and Chern Institute in Tianjing), and other institutions depending on the conference site.

The school-conference GEOQUANT takes place every two years:
2005 — Japan (Tokyo and Nagoya),
2007 — Moscow (Steklov Institute,,
2009 — Luxembourg (University of Luxembourg,,
2011 — China (Beijing and Tianjing,,

The scope of the conference includes mathematical problems of quantization, classical and quantum field theory, questions of the complex, algebraic and symplectic geometry, topology, Lie theory, representation theory, noncommutative geometry, theory of moduli spaces, relation to contemporary theoretical physics.

Traditionally, the duration of the school-conference is two weeks. The first is devoted to the school for yung mathematicians and physicists. where well-known mathematicians deliver mini-courses consisting of 2–3 lectures on subjects in the scope of the conference.

The second week is devoted to the conference "Geometric quantization and related topics".

The program of the conference consists of 45–60-min and 30-min talks.

The next, fifth school-conference GEOQUANT will take place in August 19-30, 2013, in Vienna, on the base of the Erwin Schroedinger Institute (August 19-24 - the School, August 26-30 - the Conference)

Confirmed lecturers at the School:
Harald Grosse (Vienna, Austria): An introduction to non-commutative quantum field theory
Alexander Kuznetsov (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia): Derived Categories in Geometry
Yoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka City University, Japan): Hamilton stability problem of Lagrangian submanifolds in K?hler manifolds
Vincent Rivasseau (Paris, France): Random Tensors (to be confirmed)
Alexander Varchenko (UC at Chapel Hill): Bethe algebras and geometric Langlands correspondence
Katrin Wendland (University of Freiburg, Germany): K3 surfaces: Geometry, conformal field theory and number theory
Dr. Oleg K. Sheinman, Steklov Mathematical Institute,
Prof. Dr. Martin Schlichenmaier, University of Luxembourg,

Organizing/scientific Committee:
Pierre Bieliavsky (Louvain, Belgium),
Harald Grosse (Vienna, Austria),
Ryoichi Kobayashi (Nagoya University, Japan),
Martin Schlichenmaier (Luxembourg University, Luxembourg),
Armen Sergeev (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia),
Oleg Sheinman (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia),
Weiping Zhang (Chern Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, P.R. China),
Xiangyu Zhou (Institute of Math, AMSS, CAS, Beijing, P.R. China).

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